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New Blog Sites

To everyone who has been waiting for either a Russian History post or a medical post, I’ve decided to have two new sites dedicated to my two passions, Russian History and Optimal Health. For those of you who are following my Russian History podcast, you can go here to see my new site – Russian Rulers History. For those of you who want to follow my posts on health as well as here my Let’s Talk Real Health podcast, you can go here to my new site for that topic. Sorry for the confusion.

New Podcast – Russian Rulers History

Well, my life has decided to take a turn for the better, as in far less stress. So in order to replace stress with passion, I have started to restart my regular blogs and podcasts. One of my podcasts, Let’s Talk Real Health has a great new post to it and my other one, which is way off the beaten path is Russian Rulers History.

Both are available on iTunes as well as a bunch of other podcatchers so please try them out if you haven’t already and give me a rating, as fair and honest as possible. Feedback is always appreciated as well.

Next Speaking Engagement

Well, I’m finally going to go back to speaking at conferences again after a long hiatus. After years of travelling I needed to refresh myself and get new material to share with my audiences. My next speaking engagement will be in Bellevue, Washington at the Healing the Brain Conference put on by Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt. For more information about this excellent conference, click here. The early bird discount for attending has been extended to January 18th, so sign up now.