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The Effects of Petrochemical and Related Toxins on Human Health

Just last weekend, I gave a presentation at a conference put on by the Klinghardt Academy of Neurobiology on petrochemical toxicity and its effect on human health. Here is the Powerpoint of my talk. Please use whatever you want out of the presentation, please make sure you site me if you do.

Bellevue Washington Presentation

Toxicity talk from Bellevue, Washington

Here is the Powerpoint Presentation I did in Bellevue, Washington on June 26th, 2008 to the Puget Soung Functional Medicine group. Many thanks to Dr. David Musnick for inviting me to speak.

Toxins and Diseases – The Research

There is a lot of data out there on the links between disease and environmental toxins. Problem is, there is a LOT of data on the links. Where to go if you need to see how strong the data is? Well look no further than The Collaborative on Health and the Environment’sCHE Toxicant and Disease Database.

From Abnormal sperm (morphology, motility, and sperm count) to Wilm’s Tumor, this database is chock full of information on the links between the poison’s we are exposed to and the health concerns many of us face.  A definite favorite link to keep if you’re a health care practitioner.

An important thought as well is to make sure you test for the toxins instead of just going out and looking at a disorder and immediately thinking that the toxins listed are the cause of the disease. You can’t treat strictly based on what you think is there. Both the US Biotek test for Environmental Pollutants and the Whole Blood Elements Test from Doctor’s Data is the way to go.

The U.S. is Not the Leader in the Fight Against Toxicity

In a remarkable book written by Mark Schapiro Exposed: The Toxic Chemistry of Everyday Products and What’s at Stake for American Power, he details how the European Union (EU) has supplanted the United States as the leader in the fight against environmental toxicity. On June 1, 2007, the parliament of the EU voted for a new law called REACH Registration, Evaluation, and Authorization of Chemicals.

One part of this law forces companies to prove the safety of chemicals before they come to market. More importantly, it forces previously grandfathered chemicals to be tested for safety which was vehemently opposed by not just the American Chemical Society but by our own government. It scared them so much that they sent in C. Boyden Gray, the heir to the RJ Reynolds tobacco fortune to lobby against it. This is the same Republican operative who worked to eviscerate the EPA under Reagan by applying cost-benefit analysis over risk-based decision making. In other words, make money first, care about peoples health second. According to the magazine the New Republic, “So many different money trails lead to, by and through Gray it is bewildering.”

In retrospect, I’m glad my government in their ultimate arrogance decided to lobby as hard as they did because in the end, this we’re better than you attitude is what pushed the EU parliament to pass the bill. According to one European diplomat quoted in Mr. Schapiro’s book “If their only message is why we should not do anything more than they’re doing in the United States, then why should we listen? The more the United States give the impression of mounting an attack against REACH, the less we listen….. We are not going to ask the United States for permission. If we were to listen to the United States, how would we explain to European citizens where the two hundred chemicals in their bodies came from? What are we doing to them? This is the same not just for Europeans, but for Americans and every country in the world.”

The Bush Administrations steadfast belief that it is more important to make a dollar today for their big buddies than protecting the citizens of the United States is causing us to lose the leadership role we had for decades. He has lost us the respect from the world, not just because of the ill-conceived war, but because the world sees us as only caring for profits, not for people under the guise of jobs. How many jobs could we create by leading the world in the research of safer products? Millions of them. Sad to say, we won’t see a change soon unless there is a change in the White House come this November. We need it to save our children and the billions of children unborn coming to this world in the next hundred years.

My Book is Out and Available

My book, Achieving Victory Over a Toxic World is now available through multiple outlets. It is the story of a child, my daughter, and her battle with a rare type of epilepsy, given little chance of recovery by the medical world, but through it all she has made it through, not perfectly, with the ability to live a normal life.

It also deals with what I believe caused her disorder, environmental toxicity. We are polluting our world at a staggering ratewhich is causing epidemics of diseases unheard of in human history. Big corporations would want you to believe this is not happening but my book shows you the truth.

The scariest part of my research delved into the effect these toxins are having on our most vunerable citizens, our children, and the up coming generations. In the final two parts of the book, I give you real world ideas on how to cope with the toxins and how you can begin the movement toward changing our world before it is too late. The increase in the rate of autism, asthma, epilepsy, ADHD, childhood cancers, cannot be explained by a “genetic epidemic”. We are poisoning ourselves and we can change that.

To order the book, you can go to either Amazon.com, Barnes and Noble.com or for faster service my publisher –  AuthorHouse’s web site . This book represents my 20+ years of research along with the passion that comes with fighting for a daughter’s life. I can guarantee one thing about the book and that is it will move you, both emotionally and physically to help us change the world.

Book Cover Picture

Allergies and Toxicity in Children – A Real Dilemma

Robyn O’Brien, a mother from Boulder, Colorado has taken up the battle against the people who would lead you to believe that environmental toxins and genetically modified foods have nothing to do with the explosion of allergies in children (among other health issues). Having just gotten off the phone with her, I noted a passion to tell the world about this issue and to educate the mother out there as to the growing problem affectin so many of them. Her website Allergy Kids is full of useful information about this important issue.

The more toxic our environment, the more damage will be done to our children and almost more importantly, their children. People like Robyn are the ones who will shake up this world and force the changes necessary to protect ourselves and kids. Please visit her site today.

Achieving Victory Over a Toxic World – Book Due Out Soon

In the next two weeks, my book Achieving Victory Over a Toxic World will be coming out. Three years in the making, it first tells the story of how my daughter Tasya has dealt with epilepsy and how this battle has driven me to research the effects of toxicity on human health, especially children. It is a guidebook that hopefully will have people understand how important it is for us to clean up the mess we are making, if not for us than for the coming generations. Here is a review from a friend, Dr. Robert Zieve, an MD from Arizona.

Mark Schauss has written a very important book, a book that needs to be required reading for all practitioners. The title, “Achieving Victory Over a Toxic World” wakes us up to the reality that we live in a toxic world. While we sit around and debate whether our world is toxic, or watch media headlines about lead poisoned toys from China, headlines that soon disappear, the volume of toxins that are affecting our daily lives and especially the lives of our children, continues to grow in both amount and in harmfulness.

Mark begins his book with his personal story of his daughter’s neurological illness, and how this led to his commitment to this work. Our stories are what makes us most human. They enable others to see into our lives and conflicts, and awaken our heart’s interest and need to continue reading. Mark’s story does just this, so that we do not become overwhelmed with statistics.

He then moves on with “Today’s Toxic World,” and he does not mince words with the title “The Loaded Revolver Theory of Toxicity.” It is important today the we use words that remind us of what is at stake; we have a gun to our heads, with toxins that threaten our lives much more than any foreign terrorist. Mark provides specific and simply organized guidelines for the reader to steer his or her way through the maze of information that we now have access to about the severity of effects these accumulated toxins are having upon our health. Even more important, he informs us of what specifically we can do about each of these toxins.

Mark has listed the important labs that must become commonplace in every practitioner’s work with patients. Testing for the presence and concentration of these toxins in our bodies, and testing for the adverse results of the presence of these accumulated toxins, such as Mark has outlined with depth and simplicity simultaneously, must be part of our health care system. I would venture to say as a practitioner that the results of these tests provide more useful information in developing effective therapeutic programs than many of the routine CT scans, PET scans, ultrasounds, and MRI’s that are done today. These tests show the results of the accumulation of toxins that Mark has detailed here.

There is a huge denial today about the magnitude of the effects of these toxins upon our health. They are scarcely mentioned in any medical training, in any product advertising, or by medical doctors in their work with patients. And yet, as we can clearly see in this well-organized and humanly written book, the health effects of these toxins are at the foundation of virtually all of our current illnesses. After reading this book, I wondered what good it is to even discuss health care from any political or economic perspective without placing the topics in this book at the center of the discussion of how
we develop a system of effective and affordable health care for everyone. The reasons this has not happened are due to many factors, which include the financial strength of corporations that make these toxic products and promote them in warm, fuzzy advertisements, and our general resistance to changing our lifestyles. The only way to end denial is to name the realities and claim responsibility for these realities. This book enables us to do this.

Much of what causes illness, and much of what an effective practitioner does with patients, is common sense. Towards the end of his book, Mark provides very good Common Sense Tips that the reader can take and put into activity.

If our commitment is to healing, this book must be part of our core reading program. It really should be part of core political discussions in the halls of those who are outlining sweeping plans for health care reform. It should be discussed at Grand Rounds at major medical centers. It should part of the central dialogue in local communities throughout the United States. And it needs to be discussed in the highest echelons of the corporate business world.

We must have the courage to look with clarity and purpose at the fundamental causes of our epidemic of chronic disease today. It is an epidemic that has as one of its fundamental causes, our toxic world. We can no longer afford to shy away from discussing the effects of today’s toxins in our lives and health.

Robert Zieve, M.D
Pine Tree Clinic
Prescott, Arizona

Obesity Caused By Over Eating? Not So Fast.

Coming out soon is a book that Gary Taubes, a New York City journalist has written called The Diet Delusion by Vermilion. In it he writes that obesity is not simply eating too many calories but the abnormal effect on ones hormones. Taube wrote in the recent New Scientist magazine (January 19-25th, 2008) that “There is considerable evidence that the obesity epidemic is caused by a hormonal phenomenon, specifically by the consumption of refined carbohydrates, starches and sugars, all of which prompt (sooner or later) excessive insulin secretion.”

Furthermore, he skewers many in the diet industry by saying “Obesity researchers, nutritionists and health authorities have refused to contemplate this scenario, partly because it would imply that diet-book doctors advocating carbohydrate-restricted diets – Robert Atkins et al – were right all along. Instead, these alleged experts and guardians of our health have wasted a good part of a century on research based on a high-school misconception, watching their compatriots grow ever fatter while blaming everyone but themselves. In the process, they have created a field of clinical medicine that functions more like a religion than a science. It is time to put science back in charge.”

I agree with him that hormones are at the root of obesity but I want to add something he hasn’t looked at (or at least I don’t think he has which is the effect of environmental toxins on hormones and obesity. To me, it is the very cornerstone of why the world is getting fat. Toxins like phthalates, bisphenol A, benzene, toluene, and xylene, all have been shown to have an effect on hormones. Heavy metals which can also interfere with hormones as well so just putting the blame on bad carbohydrates, is only part of the story.  I highly suggest reading the article in the New Scientist and getting a subscription while you’re at it.