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Latest Presentation

The Effects of Petrochemical and Related Toxins on Human Health

Just last weekend, I gave a presentation at a conference put on by the Klinghardt Academy of Neurobiology on petrochemical toxicity and its effect on human health. Here is the Powerpoint of my talk. Please use whatever you want out of the presentation, please make sure you site me if you do.

Boulderfest 2008 Presentation

Mark Schauss – Boulderfest 2008 Presentation

This weekend I had the pleasure and honor to speak at Boulderfest 2008 put on by a company I no longer have anything to do with unfortunately due to unethical management. Here is the PowerPoint presentation I gave this past Thursday, July 17th.  Also, to all the attendees, I was energized by all of your care and interest in helping people. It is inspiring!!!

Bellevue Washington Presentation

Toxicity talk from Bellevue, Washington

Here is the Powerpoint Presentation I did in Bellevue, Washington on June 26th, 2008 to the Puget Soung Functional Medicine group. Many thanks to Dr. David Musnick for inviting me to speak.

Connecticut Training – PowerPoint Presentation

Mitochondrial Insufficiency, Type II Diabetes and Infertility/Pregnancy

Autism, Asthma, Allergies and Obesity Presentation

I’d like to thank the people who attended a training session I was part of this past weekend in Old Greenwich, Connecticut. It gave me a great surge of energy to meet so many people who are passionate about health and nutrition.

As promised I have uploaded my two presentations above for you to read and use (just make sure you tell people where you got the slides). Please also visit my other blog site, ToxicWorldBook.

Seminars I Will Be Speaking At

Well, its almost time to get back on the road. I start on February 22nd in Seattle, WA for the American Academy of Neural Therapy, followed the next day in Las Vegas, NV which will kick off the Food First half day seminars. Robert Crayhon will be doing 12 of the seminars and I will be joing him at 4 of them. Here are a list of all of the cities this seminar will be coming to (I will be at the ones in bold):

Las Vegas, NV (February 23rd) — Orange, CT (March 1st) — Northampton, MA (March 13th) — Boston, MA (March 15th) — Princeton, NJ (March 22nd) — Denver, CO (March 29th) — San Francisco, CA (April 5th) — Los Angeles, CA (April 6th) — Stamford, CT (April 12-13), Philadelphia, PA (April 19th) — Tarrytown, NY (May 3rd) — Montreal, Quebec (May 10th) — Burlington, VT (June 7th)

Also, don’t forget Boulderfest 2008 which should be the best one ever held in Broomfield, Colorado. I, along with 15 other world class speakers will provide any and all healthcare practitioners who attend, clinically relevant information that you won’t find anywhere else.

April 26th and 27th, 2008 will be the first Healing Journey seminar in Boulder, Colorado which while I won’t be speaking at, is filled with phenomenal speakers. Go to one, go to all you can, it’s well worth it.

Lab Testing – What Test When

Lab Testing Protocols (PDF)

Lab Testing Protocols – PowerPoint

Here is the PowerPoint and PDF of the presentations that I did in Denver and Boulder, Colorado this past weekend October 27 and 28, 2007.  Hope the information helps you find your way to optimal health.

Sacramento NANP Meeting PowerPoint

Sacramento NANP Presentation in PDF format

Sacramento NANP Powerpoint

Day one of my multi-city tour is over and I would like to thank my hosts from the NANP (National Association of Nutritional Professionals) especially Trudy Scott, Certified Nutritionist. As promised, here is my PowerPoint Presentation for all of you to read and enjoy.