Boulderfest 2008 Presentation

Mark Schauss – Boulderfest 2008 Presentation

This weekend I had the pleasure and honor to speak at Boulderfest 2008 put on by a company I no longer have anything to do with unfortunately due to unethical management. Here is the PowerPoint presentation I gave this past Thursday, July 17th.  Also, to all the attendees, I was energized by all of your care and interest in helping people. It is inspiring!!!

2 thoughts on “Boulderfest 2008 Presentation

  1. jeffrey_dach_md

    Dear Mark,

    It was a pleasure meeting with you in at the Robert Crayhon’s Boulderfest conference just outside Denver at the Omni Interlochen Resort July 17-20 2008.

    The conference was excellent. Among the speakers was Nicholas Gonzalez MD who spoke about his medical practice in New York City in which he treats advanced cancer successfully with high dose oral pancreatic enzymes. This treatment regimen is based on the trophoblastic theory of cancer originally proposed by Scottish embryologist John Beard and resurrected by a dentist named William Kelley.

    To read more…

    regards from,
    Jeffrey Dach MD
    4700 Sheridan Suite T
    Hollywood Fl 33021

  2. RimlandFanWA

    Hi Mark, am I doing something wrong? For some reason, I can’t locate your Boulderfest presentation.

    BTW- My son’s pediatrician raved about your book!


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