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Update on my Friend, Robert Crayhon

Many of you know about my friendship with Robert Crayhon, author, nutritionist and all-around good person. Unfortunately, many of you also know of his fight with stage IV colorectal cancer. I’d like to bring you an update on his condition and ask that you help him out if you can with either a donation or with caring words by going to these two websites:

To make a donation to help with Robert’s care please go to this website which is through Pay Pal.

To wish him well go to this site and pass a note showing all the love and care we all have for him.

Robert Crayhon Blogging

Robert Crayhon, author of numerous books on nutrition like The Carnitine Miracle, has joined the blogging world with his new website – RobertCrayhon.com. Some of his posts will have a political bent but others will focus on issues of nutrition and health. His razor sharp mind and wit will provide the reader with lots of information with which to achieve the goal of optimal growth.