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The Effects of Petrochemical and Related Toxins on Human Health

Just last weekend, I gave a presentation at a conference put on by the Klinghardt Academy of Neurobiology on petrochemical toxicity and its effect on human health. Here is the Powerpoint of my talk. Please use whatever you want out of the presentation, please make sure you site me if you do.

LEAP MRT – A Tech Sheet on What the Test Does

LEAP MRT Lab Interpretation LLC Tech Sheet

As anyone who has read my book or been to my other blog site –, knows, the LEAP MRT test by Signet Diagnostics helped save my daughter Tasya’s life. It was such an important tool in helping her not only control her seizures but in also helping to control her temper tantrums.

Because of the help that this test has given the Schauss family, I continue to espouse its many uses at almost all of the lectures I give around the world. Because of this, I have been asked to post some additional information about it, explaining what it does and how it works. You can download the Word document and read about the LEAP MRT test. Enjoy.

Cutler Interview – Transcript Now Available

Laboratory Medical Update – Dr. Andrew Cutler Interview

Earlier this year, I did an interview with Andrew Cutler, PhD talking about his thoughts on autism, mercury, and porphyrin testing. You can listen to it on my Let’s Talk Real Health podcast site.  Just recently, Michael Ross, did a transcript of the interview that you can download and read for yourself. Thank you Michael for the work.

Klinghardt Interview

Just wanted to tell you that I just completed a 1+ hour interview of Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt. It was an amazing hour listening to him talk about the newest findings in medicine (his personal findings), autism and a 15 minute answer to my question about the stressful times our world is finding itself in.

The podcast will be posted in three parts. Part one can be found on my Let’s Talk Real Health podcast site.  The second and third segments will be posted in the next week. After that, I will have two further interviews, one with Mark Newman of ZRT Laboratories and Dr. Richard Lord, one of the researchers I highly respect, from the Metametrix Institute.

Please go to my podcast site and leave comments, suggestions and thoughts about my topics and interviews. It’s starting to get a real following and I’d like to build the audience up to help inform people about what is out there.

National College of Natural Medicine Lecture

I just got done with a lecture at the National College of Natural Medicine here is beautiful Portland, Oregon. I’d like to thank Dr. Kristen McElveen, ND and every attendee for allowing me to speak at your Grand Rounds. Even the 7:30 am start time wasn’t as bad as I expected.

Here is the presentation I did in Powerpoint. If you use any of the slides, just tell everyone where you got it.

The Proper Use of Clinically Relevant Laboratory Testing

Boulderfest 2008 Presentation

Mark Schauss – Boulderfest 2008 Presentation

This weekend I had the pleasure and honor to speak at Boulderfest 2008 put on by a company I no longer have anything to do with unfortunately due to unethical management. Here is the PowerPoint presentation I gave this past Thursday, July 17th.  Also, to all the attendees, I was energized by all of your care and interest in helping people. It is inspiring!!!

My Book is Out and Available

My book, Achieving Victory Over a Toxic World is now available through multiple outlets. It is the story of a child, my daughter, and her battle with a rare type of epilepsy, given little chance of recovery by the medical world, but through it all she has made it through, not perfectly, with the ability to live a normal life.

It also deals with what I believe caused her disorder, environmental toxicity. We are polluting our world at a staggering ratewhich is causing epidemics of diseases unheard of in human history. Big corporations would want you to believe this is not happening but my book shows you the truth.

The scariest part of my research delved into the effect these toxins are having on our most vunerable citizens, our children, and the up coming generations. In the final two parts of the book, I give you real world ideas on how to cope with the toxins and how you can begin the movement toward changing our world before it is too late. The increase in the rate of autism, asthma, epilepsy, ADHD, childhood cancers, cannot be explained by a “genetic epidemic”. We are poisoning ourselves and we can change that.

To order the book, you can go to either, Barnes and or for faster service my publisher –  AuthorHouse’s web site . This book represents my 20+ years of research along with the passion that comes with fighting for a daughter’s life. I can guarantee one thing about the book and that is it will move you, both emotionally and physically to help us change the world.

Book Cover Picture

Allergies and Toxicity in Children – A Real Dilemma

Robyn O’Brien, a mother from Boulder, Colorado has taken up the battle against the people who would lead you to believe that environmental toxins and genetically modified foods have nothing to do with the explosion of allergies in children (among other health issues). Having just gotten off the phone with her, I noted a passion to tell the world about this issue and to educate the mother out there as to the growing problem affectin so many of them. Her website Allergy Kids is full of useful information about this important issue.

The more toxic our environment, the more damage will be done to our children and almost more importantly, their children. People like Robyn are the ones who will shake up this world and force the changes necessary to protect ourselves and kids. Please visit her site today.

Perchlorates and Iodine – Another Reason to Ban this Substance

Turns out that the molecular pump that drives iodine also does the same to the toxic chemical perchlorate. Researchers at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine, led by Dr. Nancy Carrasco, found that perchlorate does double damage to lactating mothers and their babies because the chemical depletes the child of much needed iodine.

This finding is proof that perchlorates (found in jet engine fuel) is more dangerous than the industry admits. Isn’t that how it always works?

Since perchlorate is unavoidable, it is yet another reason to make sure you get adequate amounts of iodine in your diet or at least take a supplement (75 mcg should do for healthy people). Better yet, get tested. Doctor’s Data has a great iodine challenge test that everyone should get at least once every five years.

Losing a Child Due to Negligence and a Medical System Gone Awry

This past Sunday, a little girl, 2-years old was sent home by her HMO physician with a case of croup. In the medical/for-profit environment our health system has become, they did not want to admit her, despite her labored breathing because that might cut into the bottom line. So, trying to save some money for the corporation the girl was let go, parents told to get a vaporizer which they did and three hours later, the girl died.

I’ve ranted about our broken health care system many times in my speeches, and here on my blog site but this takes it to another level. Pharmaceutical companies, HMOs, and hospitals are more and more being driven by MBAs who answer to their stockholders, demanding more profits, sacrificing healthcare in a spiriling madness that now has taken yet another life. Isolated incident? Of course not. Preventable? You bet.

Our nation needs to completely revamp its abysmal health care system. It’s broken and it will never get up. When profit is more important than life, we have created a system that has degenerated to its lowest level. Physician error deaths are way too high and I have very little doubt that this is not due to a lack of caring, or gross negligence but more due to a poisonous atmosphere that doctors have to work in that deprives them of giving proper care to their patients. This needs to change and change now. No more innocent lives need to be lost.