New Podcast – Russian Rulers History

Well, my life has decided to take a turn for the better, as in far less stress. So in order to replace stress with passion, I have started to restart my regular blogs and podcasts. One of my podcasts, Let’s Talk Real Health has a great new post to it and my other one, which is way off the beaten path is Russian Rulers History.

Both are available on iTunes as well as a bunch of other podcatchers so please try them out if you haven’t already and give me a rating, as fair and honest as possible. Feedback is always appreciated as well.

6 thoughts on “New Podcast – Russian Rulers History

  1. talintyred

    Such a refreshing presentation of Russian history, love the insights on Orthodoxy as well. The re-introduction of characters from previous episodes is really helpful between days or weeks of listening to each podcast. Excellent chronology and research, good pace, never gets bogged down.

  2. Rohan

    Hey Mark,

    I am a big fan of your Russian Rulers podcast. You have the optimum level of detail – enough to keep one hooked, and at the same time not too much detail to get boring.

    I went on the Trans Siberian trip in mid 2010, and have since then been learning Russian language and history. I am based in Singapore.

    Thanks again for putting this awesome content on iTunes.

  3. Carol

    What a great job you’ve done with the Russian History. I relisten to your pod casts just to pick up bits I’ve missed. Keep up the great work.

  4. Fiona

    Dear Mark,
    Listening to your episode on the books you use I thought I might suggest
    When looking in to the death of the Romanovs and the investigation in determining how they died and all the people who climed to be the survivors, Robert Massies book was great, but also there is the very recent Andrew Cook book ‘The Murder of teh Romanovs’ 2010/2011 which includes the latest forensic findings around and a report on the meeting with the head of the execution squad

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