Mercury – Safe or Not

The other day, the media bleeted like a chirping bird that the mercury used in amalgams was safe based on two “definitive” studies.  I looked at the research and was at first appalled, then angry and then spitting fire at the utter nonesense that was called science.  The papers were so flawed that the trees used to print this drivel obviously died in vain.

So I was at my computer, ready to hop on my high horse and refute the studies when I decided to slide over to my good friend Pat Sullivan’s blog site to see if he had anything to say about it.  Sure enough he was on the job with a masterful response along with numerous updates.  Pat, you saved me a lot of time by putting your response on your site.  Nice job.

So, for those of you interested, go to and read up on the issue of mercury toxicity as well as the arguments in opposition to his position. Pat may have strong opinions on subjects but I truly admire him for his willingness to let opposing view points be heard.