Fish Safety – Which ones are safe to eat and which are unsafe?

The Safe

Abalone – U.S. farmed, Anchovies, Arctic char – U.S. and Canadian farmed, Catfish – U.S. farmed, Caviar – U.S. farmed paddlefish & sturgeon eggs, Clams – butter, geoducks, hard, littlenecks, Manila, Crab – Dungeness, snow from Canada, stone, Crawfish – U.S., Halibut – from Alaska, Herring – Atlantic sea herring, Mackerel – Atlantic, Mahimahi/dolphinfish – U.S., from the Atlantic, Mussels – farmed blue, New Zealand green, Oysters – farmed Eastern, European, Pacific, Sablefish/black cod – from Alaska, Salmon – wild from Alaska: chinook, chum, coho, pink, sockeye, Sardines, Scallops – farmed bay, Shrimp – Northern from Newfoundland, U.S. farmed, Spot prawns, Striped bass  – farmed, Sturgeon – farmed, Tilapia – U.S. 

The Bad

Caviar – wild sturgeon, Chilean seabass/toothfish – mercury, Cod – Atlantic, Grouper, Halibut – Atlantic, Marlin, Monkfish/goosefish, Orange roughy, Rockfish – Pacific (rock cod/boccacio), Salmon – farmed or Atlantic, Shark, Shrimp/prawns – imported, Skate, Snapper, Sturgeon – wild, Swordfish – imported, Tilefish, Tuna – bluefin

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  1. coasthike babe

    where do you get your info about safe fish to eat?
    Is it safe for me to eat canned herring and or mackerel 2-3x per week? Why isn’t Atlantic Salmon on the safe list? Thanks

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