Zeolite Criticisms – The Truth Hurts Sales?

Of all the issues I blog about, my criticism of zeolite, a much hyped, poorly researched, money maker, is one I get the most comments about. Usually, it is in the form of threats (I refuse to allow those to see the light of day), angry diatribes, accusations which border on the ridiculous and downright silly comments. But the one thread I see is a total lack of any responses to my belief that zeolite is nothing but volcanic ash that has uses in industrial cleanups but no value in promoting human health.

I cannot wait to hear from the supposed cancer survivors who claim zeolite cured them. Of course, when confronted with the request to prove they had cancer and to publicly reveal their name with the proof, they vanish. When asked to provide research papers that have gone through the peer-review process, the constant whining that “it is about to be published in a major journal” comes out. Unfortunately for them, this claim has been going on for years with no paper being published.

Then we see the conspiracy theory coming out that the big, bad establishment is out to get them and wants to hide the positive effects of zeolite so big pharma can make more money. When you have nothing to stand on, it is time to bring out the boogie man. Why can’t they can’t release the studies on their own? Maybe because they show that their product does little but chelate money from peoples wallets into their coffers.

Boy, I can’t wait to see the comments I get on this post.

1 thought on “Zeolite Criticisms – The Truth Hurts Sales?

  1. naturalist

    My sister fights an ER- PR- stage 3 BC without any chemo or rad so far. She was diagnosed on Febr.2008, she took a lot of supplements for a year (including zeolite from http://www.liquidzeolitecompany.com/) and finally she had an RFA+surgery and removed her tumor (but no mastectomy).

    Now she keeps her fight with supplements.
    Six weeks ago she did a chemosensitivity test at RGCC. She sent 25ml of blood to this lab, they isolated cancer cells from this sample and they did sensitivity tests on 60 different supplements. They found sensitivity in these compounds: quercetin, c-statin, artesunate , superoxide dismutase (SOD), DCA, paw-paw, ascorbic acid and zeolite. Also zeolite was found synergic with artesunate, and so she is using it in her new protocol with artesunate and other stuff.

    I think each cancer is different from the others, and what works for one might work or not work for others. I also think that chemosensitivity test is a smart move for people using supplements in their fight.

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