Top Science Stories of 2007 – Part Deux #’s 26-100

Sorry to be a little late on this one. Spent the week at the A4M conference in Las Vegas. To read the complete list from Discover Magazine, go to your nearest newstand and pick up a copy. It’s a great read.

42 – California Bans Phthalates in Plastic Toys – Way to go Governor Schwarzenegger!  Phthalates are bad news health wise despite the industries claim to the contrary. Go to the journal Environmental Health Perspectives and look up the research into this plasticizer. It isn’t good news.

43 – Human Genome Reveals Signs of Recent Evolution – Yes, we are evolving although some wonder whether it is for the better or not. Despite many creationists beliefs, evolution is being seen everyday.

61 – Unsustainable Soil Use Can Cause Civilizations to Collapse – Exactly what we are doing to our soil, especially with the insane amount of corn being grown. Read the book The Omnivore’s Dilemma by Michael Pollan to understand how bad it is getting.

64 – Cloned Hamburger, Anyone? – We need to protect our food supply from biotech companies all out for profit. Hopefully the FDA will protect us from this threat but I have my doubts.

70 – How the Body Protects the Gut – Dendritic cells seems to be important in teaching T-cells to be tolerant to beneficial bacteria and to intestinal cells.

83 – Why Loneliness is Bad for You – Turns out that being lonely can actually affect your DNA. Time to find a friend.

89 – Food Additives’ Effect on Children – Something we in the alterantive health industry have known for decades is finally being accepted by the general public and the main-stream health community. Cut out the additives and try real fruit juices and water.

96 – Function of Appendix Explained – Turns out the appendix is where the body stores beneficial bacteria. If you had yours removed, I would suggest taking probiotics every day (probably a good idea if you didn’t either).