Obesity In America Map

Not only is America becoming growingly obese but certain parts of the country are fatter than others. Yet again, Mississippi is the fattest state (30.6% of the population is obese) followed closely by West Virginia (29.8%) and Alabama (29.4%). To see the map click here and find out how your state ranks.

Why would the state information be important?  Recently, a study was published that indicated that people who hang out together tend to have an influence on the weight of their friends. Obese people tend to be with obese people (especially when picking a mate) and those who are fit tend to hang out together. This isn’t really rocket science but it goes to show that this growing trend in obesity will not be resolved any time soon. I think the lesson here is if you need to lose weight, not only do you need to change your diet, but it might benefit you if you change, or at least broaden your circle of friends to include people who are thinner which might help you lose weight by following their lifestyles.

When I was a runner, I tended to hang out with other runners which supported my habit. If we stay around people who gorge on food or who use food as a crutch, we tend to do the same.