Zeolites – Cancer Cure? I don’t think so

Common FDA, start doing your job and get rid of all of those Waiora MLM distributors who are making outrageous claims about how their product, which is volcanic ash made up primarily out of aluminum silicate, cures cancer. They go on to cite a study, which no one has any details about or any way of verifying the claim, which makes a ridiculous statement telling us that the product cured cancer in a number of late-stage patients.

Instead of going after minor violators of their rules, the FDA and the FTC need to stop this type of deceitful marketing. To read a couple of good pieces of information about Natural Cellular Defense aka Zeolite, click here and then here.

Don’t waste your money on what amounts to ground up ash.

31 thoughts on “Zeolites – Cancer Cure? I don’t think so

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  2. jh2001

    I just finished research for college Bio class on NCD (liquid zeolite) and MLM companies who sell products without proper license, proper approval, no credentials, and how they endanger the air quality and a persons health. I did a thorough investigation of the company and the product. I was extremely disturbed by the findings.

    The lab link was the only thing I could not find. I am interested in the lab results but I don’t really understand what it means. Clearly, it doesn’t contain clinoptilolite, zeolites, correct?

    Are these recommended or safe levels for the chemicals on the lab report. Also, what are the dangers associated with the combined chemicals in the report. Carcenogenic? Anemic? Affect your hemoglobin? Is it possible for someone “who is normally healthy, fit, and likes to try new supplements” to use this product for an extended period of time and become deathly ill?

  3. Mark Schauss Post author

    My understanding is that there a number of studies ongoing about NCD but as someone who has been in the industry for a long time, studies can be made to say anything. I’ll have to look at any research lab wise very carefully before making any other judgements.

    Gut intuition tells me that NCD will show some benefits but nothing near what the distributors are claiming.

    As for danger signs, I don’t thing it is risky. The real danger is the loss of money from ones pocket for this vastly overpriced pile of volcanic ash.

  4. jh2001

    My gut agrees with yours. Unfortunately, I have yet to find anything that says it won’t hurt. My research shows the potential dangers. My inquiry about the chemicals come from, “what if” you couldn’t find the lab(OSHA approved) or licensed distribution center(OSHA approved), no PhD credentials, phony statements regarding research as stated by the owner, no verifable info regarding the company employees, sec fraud, “unverifiable” listing with the white pages, and a google earth snapshot that does verify a big house and a great big pool as a company listing.

    If this kind of company starts with clinoptilolite, I assume they have ordered in bulk from mines, in its powder form, the MSDS has some safety reg’s on transport, handling, and manufacturing. The info above combined with manufacturing and distribution is already potentially hazardous to several. Have you seen the “BioPerformance Case” from the Attorney General in Dallas, dated May 2006. If not, its a good read on irresponsible MLM companies. My concern is “the company + the product.” If the company is bogus, can’t trust the product.

    Thank you and look forward to further posts regarding the lab info.

  5. Mark Schauss Post author

    jh2001, your comments are quite disturbing. While I haven’t looked that deeply into NCD/zeolite, I am troubled by their lack of safety studies.
    One lab test I have seen shows that there are appreciable traces of aluminum in the product, something I am very much against.
    MLMs have to greatly increase prices over cost in order to keep the pyramid scheme going. The cost of zeolite is ridiculously low. They charge proposterously high prices. Put those two things together and you get a rip-off

  6. jh2001

    Circumstances often motivate the consumers depth of research. The “what if’s” could be realities for some..emergency surgeries, permanent health problems, life threatening health issues, etc. Those are very real things.

    Fortunately, the blogosphere is a venue chalked full of informative sites like yours-kudos! Unfortunately, the blogosphere can be a scary “public venue” of staunch supporters for profit. Somewhere in the middle, the consumer finds the right place to share this kind of information, locate a private venue, email, or info that points them in the right direction

    Keep it up!

  7. Maureen

    Zeolite – Much less dangerous for human consumption than CHEMOTHERAPY! What unholy data would promote the toxic ingredients in chemotherapy, which, by the way, is only approx. 2% effective out of the whole population diagnosed with stage 3 or 4 cancer. Chemo kills all cells and they cannot rejuvinate themselves w/o some nutritional assistance. Get REAL! The medical and pharmaceutical industries have created an industry perputating disease and have created a legal industy that makes billions upon billions of dollars OFF OF THE DIRECT ANIHILATION OF THE HUMAN RACE, I SAY, DIRECT purposeful poisoning of society, and have lied to all of us for the purpose of a blankin’ $. Who cares about sacred life and love? It’s all about blood money and who can breed the most human vehicles for their evil, self-centered, greedy, blankin’ lies. Chemo is much more toxic to the human body than any organic compound such as Zeolite. Whatever happened to true love and service? You’ve been mentally raped by society. And you condone and lie to get the almighty blankin buck regardless if it violates the Divine Plan. Get honest! Fact vs wisdom, life, and love. Forgive them Great Creation, for they know not what they do.

  8. Mark Schauss Post author

    While I agree with you Maureen that chemotherapy is not the most effective treatment for cancer and has caused untold harm and pain to many, zeolite is not the answer. There is absolutely no evidence it does anything to benefit cancer patients. Nothing.
    Instead of a vitriolic condemnation of me personally, how about showing some evidence that zeolite works and I don’t mean the tales of cures that are never substantiated.
    What is sad about your comments is the lack of understanding my point of view. No where do I ever condone or lie about the pharmaceutical industry do I? If anything I rail against them over and over.
    Before you condemn, get your facts straight.

  9. Mark Schauss Post author


    First off, I know a lot about the company. Secondly, I did not say Waiora is saying anything about cancer treatment but a whole lot of the sales people out there have, and often. The FDA has closed down a bunch of their sites.
    Show me all the research studies on human effects of zeolite. It is poorly done, with some of the worst methodology I have seen. The patent is meaningless and I have already read it.
    I have talked to top scientists like Dr. Boyd Haley who found no activity with zeolite and mercury.
    Over priced and way over hyped. Just another MLM trying to make a lot of money.

  10. Rayzor

    Hey Mark, thanks for your blog.

    I agree with some of the points you are making, but both sides of this issue are being exagerated, and that leaves anyone looking for the truth in a bind.

    What is the full story behind Dr. Haley’s experiments? Are you referring to his test tube experiments with the centrifuged Mercury mixed with the Zeolite soution? Is that the same as testing actual excretion levels in a human?

    How did Dr. Haley conclude that Zeolite cannot remove Mercury from a living organism when his experiments were in a test tube?

    Was Dr. Haley’s experiment done with Mercury of the EXACT form found in humans, or was it another variation? Was it elemental Mercury? Did it have a charge? Can test tube experiments, performed with a different type of Mercury lead to inaccurate conclusions about actual Zeolite activity in a living person?

    There are instances of slimy practices from both sides of the fence. That does not make it correct to demand rigorous standards of research for some products, and then use sloppy research to make a point we believe in.

    The claims about Zeolite and Mercury are straightforward: They say the Zeolite helps eliminate Mercury through the urine in real, living people, by a factor of up to twelve.

    The study supposedly included some coal miners with very high levels of Mercury. Those are real people, who work in very difficult circumstances, and who stand to suffer greatly due to their situation.

    Why not wait for the paper to come out, and see what their results are?

    While I’m frustrated that it has been at least two years and the paper is still not published, I wouldn’t want to be the one to write off the product as bogus knowing that there are many people (coal miners included) who may benefit greatly from a non toxic way to eliminate heavy metals.

    As for the marketing ploys, patents, and so on…I agree with you. Let’s not throw the baby out with the bath water.


  11. Mark Schauss Post author

    You mentioned the coal miners study and that it is on real people which is true. Problem is how do we know that using vitamin C wouldn’t get an even higher excretion than Zeolite? DMSA will remove mercury and it is proven and if used right is very safe.
    The paper they claim is coming is ridiculously delayed. They made comments on newsgroups that the release was imminent 2-3 years ago. Why the holdup?
    Until they show real research, it cannot be said to chelate anything safely as there is no proof.

  12. Rayzor

    I agree entirely that there is no way to know without peer reviewed research. I saw one protocol which used Vit C and DMSA which yielded a 69% reduction in urine Mercury by provocation (Alternative Therapies, May/June 2006).

    If the Zeolite study falls short of that, and is more expensive, and has not had long term safety studies, I wouldn’t go near it for my own use. If they can produce peer reviewed figures which exceed the known response from existing therapies, I’d want to take a closer look.

    Mark- thank you for what you wrote about the DMSA and Vit C. We have a 7 year old with high levels of Mercury in his urine, and we’ve just started to check these therapies out.

    We’ve seen one M.D., a nurse practitioner, and an acupuncturist, but none of them have mentioned the protocol I found thanks to your comment on the DMSA and Vit C.

    So hats off to you…all the best.


  13. klowry

    so your not saying that the product doesnt work your just saying it cost to much??
    cuz your comments are just confusing i dont get what you are trying to say

  14. Mark Schauss Post author

    Both. I have seen little evidence that the product works to detoxify heavy metals any better than much cheaper products and proven chelators. The promised studies to show its benefits still have not been published despite years of promises.

  15. Jay

    Thanks for this dialogue, Mark. I have Stage 4 melanoma and have taken Waiora for about a year. I have searched and searched for any sort of credible research on the relationship between Waiora and cancer, and I have come up empty. On the other hand, the individual who has sold me the Waiora (about $15 for a 1/2 ounce bottle) tells me stories about people with incurable and terminal cancer who used Waiora and were later cancer-free.

    The situation is typical of MLM schemes. I am looking daily for ways to treat myself, and people who sell Waiora love to meet people like me. High-priced product, wonderful claims of benefits, no back-up.


  16. Ana

    Mark, what do you say about all the people that report better health (mental clarity, more energy, etc.) after taking NCD? I ask because my research comes only from the internet and there’s an awful lot of people saying they actually feel benefits. I’m truly interested in your opinion. Thanks.

  17. Mark Schauss Post author

    It could very well be the placebo effect here. It is an extremely powerful effect and can do amazing things. The problem is most people who are disappointed with the results or show bad reactions are less likely to post messages than those who think they are improving.
    When you deal with a multi-level marketing company, it gets worse. They will go to great lengths to deny the bad and prop up the good. I have been cursed by the NCD people like you wouldn’t believe.

  18. newlily

    Zeoactiv8 zeolite should be banned. Firsthand experience has shown me that it actually feeds cancer. The “Natural Preservative” in it is so sickly sweet is an immediate danger signal. In the five cases I have seen 4 passed away early using zeoactiv8. I don’t know about other zeolites but this zeoactiv8 needs to investigated. Maybe all of them should show what heavy metals are in them done by an independent lab so we stop all this smoke and mirrors about zeolite.

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  20. Mia

    Mark, having the FDA to regulate Zeolite just because of testimonials is a bit ignorant. I say this not with malice, but from a person who has been given months to live with very little direction or hope from the very people who I should have received it from. The medical community. When one is faced with a life threatening illness, they become desperate for anything that will help them get through the suffering. There are few studies on alternative medicine, because conveniently, most of the money is used towards medical research because of it’s huge profitable earnings. I am better today, not because of the Pharmaceuticals, but because of my own relationship with my Creator and his ability to guide my path to wellness. Who are you to say that these people are wrong in their testimonials placebo or not. When one is faced with death, hope is all they have. And if it is a placebo that eventually leads them off the path of suffering, then so be it.

  21. Mia

    It’s also interesting that somehow the Pharmaceuticals get away with what they do, just because they are the Pharmaceuticals. To Newlily, how do you know those people died too soon. Where they given a time line that they did not meet? What about all those people that die from Chemo? Why don’t you guys tell the Pharmaceuticals and FDA to investigate the harmful practices that they engage in first before they start to attack alternative therapies. Where’s the responsibility these days? Why is it that we’re constantly trying to find people to blame anytime something is wrong with us, or we feel threatened?

  22. Vicky

    My Dad was diagnosed with Pancreatic Cancer which metastatised into liver and has been taking liquid zeolite for about 3 months, there has been no change from taking it as well as cancer still progressing , he is taking the full doasage as well. My brother has liver cancer and has been taking the zeolite for about 2 yrs as well , he is not benefitting from it. So 2 out of 2 have not made a difference from taking it. I am so surprized at the number on here as we know there is no miracle drug. I think it’s a big money maker as well as other medical treatments are. I wish it did do something for my brother and dad. But if people benefited after days as said on here i dont think taking for months and years has made a difference it won’t by continuing. I feel very skeptical after reading all the miracle happenings from taking this mineral.

  23. Keara

    Vicky, what kind of zeolite were they taking? Was it anything from gethealthyagain.com? I just bought some liquid zeolite enhanced with DHQ (Siberian bark) from there and I am trying to figure out if I got scammed.

  24. Edward Burtis

    I am a civil engineer and I deal with zeolites for industrial applications. From my experience, Zeolite does not dissolve, therefore I don’t think it is contained, in any significant quantity, in “Liquid Zeolite”. The only thing MLM companies have done is use the benefits of zeolite and instead, sell inexpensive humic or folic acid, which, I guess, is beneficial to the body. Money will always bring out certain slime. People should do their research and should call zeolite suppliers (the minesite directly) to get more accurate information. If a company ‘steals’ a buck or two from a sucker, then they just took what that sucker was going to give away anyway. Shame on both the MLM and the fool who purchased their product.

  25. Edward Burtis

    And another thing…it is an inconvenience when doing online research about zeolites for valid environmental and industrial applications that I have to sift through page after page of various money grubbing, bandwagon riding ‘liquid zeolite’ sites and these sites have pushed aside valid University studies regarding zeolites. I can’t wait for the folks to leave the planet and I will remove their tombstones and put a legitimate tombstone in its place made of a zeolitic additive to the cement. Then their families can view ‘real’ zeolite when they visit their gravesite.

  26. Jsm

    to Keara

    i have also bought some zeolite enhanced with DHQ and OxyDHQ from gethealthyagain.com for my mom???
    have u met anyone who has benefited from these. please share any info u have about it.
    u can email me directly if u want

  27. Bill

    Any chance this zelolite works at all? Even a little help? One has a tendancy to grasp at anything when faced with death. I have to at least look around. Not foolish, there is just no more current chemo can do for me. I am being eaten alive.

  28. rufus

    I understand how people with cancer or that have loved ones with cancer want to try anything. My wife tried it for advanced-stage breast cancer (liquid zeolite) and it had no effect. She started taking it about 6 months before she died. All you’re really buying in this expensive product is a bit of temporary hope…that’s important, but there are much less expensive ways to obtain it.

  29. Hsnk

    This is distressing… I tried a liquid zeolite this past weekend. The instructions are to SPRAY the stuff in your mouth.

    I had an immediate reaction to the spray… a kind difficulty speaking without stuttering that I also sometimes get from drinking flat carbonated water.

    I tried the stuff for a few days, then gave up on it.

    Learning that it is connected with mesothelioma was very distressing… would anyone take a supplement that consisted of ground up asebestos mixed with water?

    I’m now concerned that even the few sprays I subjected myself to may have started a cancer process that will come back to bite me.


  30. Shirley

    In losing two loved ones to cancer I say no matter, no matter what cost we will clutch at any straw to try anything to provide not even a cure but a few extra years or a day for the ones we love. If this is a real cure or a placebo effect don’t feel guilty to try. Money is only money and does not buy a life. If it gives you comfort to try anything go for it. The manufacturers face an almighty God if they know their product is useless and they feel they can gain financially by another persons grief. I have tried and don’t feel once ounce of guilt in money spent in the pursuit of preserving a loved one. If you falsely advertise for financial gain there is a special place in hell for you,

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