Melatonin Study and Biased Media

A recent study in the respected journal Sleep showed that normal, healthy people with no sleep problems did not need melatonin supplements to improve their sleep.  Now think about what was just said because it is important to repeat and understand.  Normal healthy people with no sleep problems didn’t receive any benefits from melatonin supplementation. My question to you is; why are they doing a study like this on a group that doesn’t need help?  Do we try out chemotherapy on people who don’t have cancer and tell the world that chemo doesn’t help them?

The researchers were very careful to say that melatonin did help people who were suffering from jet lag or shift workers but did the media pick up on it?  Minimally.  What they focused on was how it didn’t work on the healthy subjects which show that people are wasting their money on the supplement.  Why do this?  Maybe they felt the need to help their big pharma advertising buddies pushing who spend billions pushing drugs like Ambien (which has numerous dangerous side-effects).  Or is it that they are so trained to think in one way that they can’t critically review articles anymore?  My opinion is that it is due to both. Money, ego and the poor research and learning skills taught to medical professionals are at the root of many of the problems in medicine today.