Are Multivitamins Really Dangerous?

Last week,, headlined a study published on the website ConsumersLab that had found that a few popular multivitamins were not up to snuff. Instead of publishing a fair and honest headline that reported what had really been found, the writers decided to make up a sensational headline questioning whether vitamins were safe.

What really was found was that one multivitamin actually contained 15 milligrams of lead!!! That is way more than should ever be found in any supplement but only the women’s multi from Vitamin Shoppe contained lead. Also, a couple of children’s vitamins contained twice the levels of vitamin A claimed on the label. These findings are why the industry needs to better police itself against poor quality supplements.

Shame on the manufacturers of these poor quality supplements. Those of us in the industry don’t need this type of garbage. To the general public, demand that the supplements you buy are being tested for purity and quality and ask for the reports.