Acai – Nature’s Most Powerful Antioxidant

Acai, pronounced ah-si-eee, is a recently discovered antioxidant berry found only in the Amazon.  It’s antioxidant potential is legendary and it contains a vast array of nutrients and fatty acids.  Still, not all acai is the same.  You can scour the internet for it and you’ll see a vase array of claims about the different forms of acai out there but not all what you read is true. 

Processing the fruit destroys much of its antioxidant power but some of the companies out there still make the claims.  So how do you find out what’s real and what’s not?  Ask the retailer to show you the test results, especially the ORAC reading (Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity). This gives you a measure of how powerful the supplement is.  Alaskan Blueberry has ar ORAC of approximately 250 per gram which is excellent. One brand of Acai, AcaiUltra™ has been tested to have an ORAC of 445 and up to 1100!!!

Others may claim to have similar products but only AcaiUltra™ has been tested by Brunswick Labs to verify its antioxidant punch. Why does KTS Products have the only Acai with these kind of readings?  It has to do with the way the berry is processed.  It is freeze-dried within 12 hours in the Amazon after picking to preserve its potency. To top it off, the area that their Acai is picked has the richest soil and highest quality Acai available.

Others ship the fruit thousands of miles before processing which causes the fruit to dramatically lose its antioxidant potential. KTS Products Acai is also picked in an environmentally friendly way making sure that the Amazon is protected from abuse.

According to numerous research studies, Americans don’t get enough fruit and vegetables in their diet which is where most of our antioxidants come from.  Even though this is the best way to get your ORAC boost, if you can’t get it that way, try adding AcaiUltra™ to your daily regimen.