Evolution – A True Science

This is a controversial topic in today’s media, but in the scientific community, evolution is not controversial at all, it has more proof than Einstein’s E=MC2. hile I will not get into the validity of creationism (I have my personal beliefs which are very personal to me), I cannot stand by and read some of the strange anti-evolution claims made many of which are downright false. 

Instead of writing a long diatribe myself, the magazine Scientific American wrote it for me.  While I object to the title of the article, “15 Answers to Creationism Nonsense“, I can’t argue with the body of the article. 

In my opinion, intelligent design should absolutely be taught to every child in America, by their parents, not our schools.  It is a religious doctrine and if taught in school, it should be in social studies classes and not in science.  I am opposed to schools teaching children about religion.  Not because I am against religion, which I’m not, but because it takes the responsibility away from parents.  Parents are where beliefs should emanate from not schools.  Science should be taught under the guidelines of what science is, not by a religious doctrine shrouded in fancy words to make it self look like science.