A few things that aggravate me

My wife keeps claiming I’m still a New Yorker at heart even though I escaped there 23 years ago.  She says that mostly after I’ve been driving.  I like to think its really because I’m someone who wears my emotions on my sleeve for all to see.  Because of that I get peeved about little things once in a while.  Here are a few things people do that really ticks me off.

1. The leave shopping carts in the parking spot when the cart collection spot is only 20 feet away. No wonder Americans are getting fatter!  How lazy do you have to be to not put the cart away?  And please don’t tell me the people who do this have kids and they don’t want to leave them for too long. I’ve watched the people who leave the carts behind and it isn’t mothers of young kids.

2. People who drive and talk on cell phones.  I hate this.  They drive like they’re drunk.  I am all for laws banning this dangerous habit.

3. Red light runners.  Can life be that cheap that you need to run a red light and put yourself and others at risk?  Triple or quadruple the fines for running red lights and you can hire police whose jobs are primarily to catch these scofflaws. If you’re going to tax cigarettes which cause a drain on society, do it for running a red light as well.

4. Medical reporters for news agencies and especially morning news programs.  Talk about misleading and dishonest shills.  Do they even read the studies they report on?  Glucosamine doesn’t work is what the MD shill said on The CBS Morning Show last week.  What a pile of nonsense!!! I read the whole article as I actually subscribe to the New England Journal of Medicine (among many others) and it said that it wasn’t as effective in moderate pain relief but was quite effective in serious pain cases.  This tells me it works!!!  Guess everyone has a price.

5. Drug commercials.  I am of the strong opinion that they need to be banned entirely from television and radio.  They are misleading and cause patients to press their physicians to give them drugs they probably don’t need. The drug mentality America has is one that links in with our lack of taking responsibility for ourselves. You can treat your body like crap because some drug company has created a pill that will make it alright.  Guess what? They haven’t. All they did was create a pill that covers up the problems not getting to the root cause.

I’m sure there are more things that irk me but thats it for today.