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Cutler Interview – Transcript Now Available

Laboratory Medical Update – Dr. Andrew Cutler Interview

Earlier this year, I did an interview with Andrew Cutler, PhD talking about his thoughts on autism, mercury, and porphyrin testing. You can listen to it on my Let’s Talk Real Health podcast site.  Just recently, Michael Ross, did a transcript of the interview that you can download and read for yourself. Thank you Michael for the work.

Klinghardt Interview

Just wanted to tell you that I just completed a 1+ hour interview of Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt. It was an amazing hour listening to him talk about the newest findings in medicine (his personal findings), autism and a 15 minute answer to my question about the stressful times our world is finding itself in.

The podcast will be posted in three parts. Part one can be found on my Let’s Talk Real Health podcast site.  The second and third segments will be posted in the next week. After that, I will have two further interviews, one with Mark Newman of ZRT Laboratories and Dr. Richard Lord, one of the researchers I highly respect, from the Metametrix Institute.

Please go to my podcast site and leave comments, suggestions and thoughts about my topics and interviews. It’s starting to get a real following and I’d like to build the audience up to help inform people about what is out there.

I’m Podcasting!!!

Well, I finally did it. I started podcasting. The podcast name is – Let’s Talk Real Health and while it isn’t perfect (yet), it is something I hope you will download to your iPod or mp3 player, or just listen to it online. This weeks segment includes a discussion on PSA testing, styrene markers in urine, uric acid as a natural antioxidant and a book review.

Each week, any maybe more often, I’ll be putting new podcasts up whenever new research is released, I get a wild idea about something exciting, or I hear from a colleague or listener asking me to discuss something. I hope you find the podcasts interesting and helpful and definitely not boring.

Real Life Health Issues and More…. Podcast on Autism and More

Welcome to my second attempt at podcasting and hopefully the start of a regular series of shows devoted to disseminating the science of health.  Today’s podcast is on autism and the latest research that has just burst on the scene.  Enjoy,

Pharmaceutical Company Payoffs

We all suspected that Big Pharma pays large fees to physicians to speak about their drugs but the latest news out of Minnesota is downright disgusting. Turns out that groups of practitioners in many states “advise” which drugs to select for Medicare use. One such “advisor” was paid over $350,000 in a year, but claims it had nothing to do with their judgement. Yeah, right and I have some prime swamp land in the desert to sell you. To read more about this issue, click here.

This is plain outrageous. This is tatamount to bribery which, if I am not mistaken, is illegal. The recorded votes on which drug is approved and who voted for what is absurd. This is unethical and needs legislation which probably won’t happen due to the deep lobbying pockets of Big Pharma and their stranglehold on Congress.

How much longer can we as a people, citizens of the United States, take this kind of chicanery?  They are stealing our tax dollars to enrich their pockets. Congress needs to stop subsidizing the pharmaceutical industry.  They flat out don’t need it. It is high time we all demand better.

Personal Observation – The Planet Earth

Has anyone not seen the television series The Planet Earth on the Discovery Channel???  This amazing piece of work should be mandatory viewing for everyone who marvels at the beauty that is our home world. After seeing it with my kids (who can watch it over and over), I have a far greater respect for Earth and vow to continue my work to educate people to do more to protect this beautiful place we live in.

Codex Reality Podcast

The threat of the CODEX Alimentarius being implemented in the U.S. is a constant war cry of a small group of people who are trying to raise fears amongst the millions of individuals who use nutritional supplements.  Here is a short podcast of mine on the subject.