LEAP and Tasya – Changes Abound

About a year ago, I posted information about my daughter Tasya and the remarkable results she’s gotten by following the dietary recommendations we received from the LEAP MRT from Signet Diagnostics.  Well a year has passed and while she still has issues relating to her epilepsy, she continues to get better.

Here are the results of her second test completed just a few weeks ago.

Note how many of the previously reactive foods have become non-reactive like pork, olives, and crab.  New items popped up like white potatoes, papaya, mango and banana while some, like tyramine (found in hard cheeses) and red dye #3 stayed highly reactive. 

All in all, we have made the adjustments in her diet and noticed continued improvement. I truly wish I could say that she was 100% cured or better but in all honesty I can’t.  She is vastly better but we still have a ways to go. Still, if it weren’t for the people who developed the test at Signet Diagnostics, my daughter Tasya would not be anywhere nearly as healthy and happy as she is today.  My family, and especially Tasya will always be grateful to them for what they’ve done to improve the quality of her life.