If Sportswriters Didn’t Have Sports….

On a somewhat less than serious blog, I find the statements made by a number of so-called sportswriters comparing Indy race care driver Danica Patrick with former tennis pro Anna Kornikova to show such a lack of intelligence that I ma happy they their carriers otherwise they might not be able to find any other work.  The lack of thought and insight these writers have is staggering. Here are my insights as to why any such comparison is stupid.

  1. Anna Kornikova never risked her life playing tennis.  Danica Patrick risks it everytime she steps on the track.
  2. Anna Kornikova played tournaments all the time many of the with lesser competition. Danica Patrick has won against lesser opponents it’s her lack of wins against the best in the world that the writers have a beef with. Also she has fewer races than Kornikova had matches.
  3. Anna Kornikova wouldn’t have had a chance playing men; she probably would have never scored a point against top notch men. Danika Patrick came in 4th in her first Indy and 8th today.  That is damn good and did better than most men could have done.

Of course they could say that in tennis you have more matches to play before winning a tournament but that doesn’t wash as you have to race to get your position on the starting grid and that has a lot to do with your eventual finish.

So to the overweight sportswriters who likely can’t drive a car over 70 mph and haven’t hit a tennis ball with any more power than a 12 year old girl, glad you have a job, too bad you don’t do it well.