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Don’t ask me how, but I now have an iPhone app for my Russian Rulers Podcast.¬† Just go to the iTunes store, look under apps and search for Russian Rulers Podcast and there it is. It is only $1.99 and I get a percentage which helps defray the costs of all the books I’ve been buying to get material for the show.

Thanks to all my loyal listeners which is growing by over 1,000 people a week.

4 thoughts on “Russian Rulers iPhone App

  1. irishka

    Hi Mark, In your Russian Rulers Lecture, you said that Duke Vladimir had 600 concubines. I just was wondering how is that possible?
    If a man to have 600 concubines, lets say he has totally nothing to do and wants to spend time with a different one each day, it is going to take him full 2 years to get from 1st concubine to 600th concubine!!! So it seems NOT possible, physically, emotionally and economically for Vladimir to have 600 concubines, especially in Russia more than 1000 years ago!! Besides he was young when he married Olga and became ROC.
    Can you, please, let me know the source of that information? I would like to study it in more detail.
    Also, have you ever had access to Russian historical archives?
    Thank you

  2. irishka

    I should have researched it more before posting my 1st comment – Vladimir, indeed, had a lot of concubines before he became Orthodox Christian.

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