Internet Browsers – You’ve Got to Get Rid of Explorer

After years of frustration, I finally dumped Microsoft’s Internet Explorer which should be renamed into Internet Deplorer. It bombs all the time, it is spyware’s favorite browser and it just doesn’t work as well as most of its competitors. I’ve tried Opera and liked it but not enough to make the switch. The browser I decided on is Firefox.

This browser is as easy to use as you can imagine and it has a boat load of excellent add-ons. My favorite is Stumble! After you download it (after you get Firefox, it asks you which add-ons you want), it asks you what fields of interest you have. When you’re done with that just hit the Stumble! button and it randomly selects sites from around the world for you to enjoy. Give it a thumbs up or down and they will begin to learn what your real interests are.

You can easily import all of your valuable bookmarks from Explorer in a few seconds.

The other must have add-on is Cooliris. When you drag your cursor over to an internet link on any web site, a little blue box appears. Drag your cursor over to it and a separate temporary window appears that allows you to see the link without opening another tab or window.

All in all, I heartily recommend you dump Explorer and start using Mozilla’s Firefox. You’ll be absolutely thrilled you did.