In Passing – Dr. Bjorn Nordenstrom

A giant in the field of medicine, Dr. Bjorn Nordenstrom, passed away this past December 31st. Few of you probably know of him but anyone who has had a conversation with me about the field of electrolytes has heard me talk of this genius. His book, Biologically Closed Electric Circuits: Clinical, Experimental and Theoretical Evidence for an Additional Circulatory System is a monumental piece of work. His work on treating cancer through the use of electrochemical treatment protocols is now the standard in many parts of the world especially China and parts of Europe.

Dr. Nordenstrom was a member of the Nobel Prize committee in Medicine and Physics and was awarded the International Scientific and Technological Cooperation Award by the People’s Republic of China because of his work on tumor regression. Although in poor health these past few years, his legacy will most certainly live on. My condolences to his family.

2 thoughts on “In Passing – Dr. Bjorn Nordenstrom

  1. Steve

    I found your blog entry about Dr. Nordenstrom from a Google search and wanted to comment that I’m saddened to learn that he passed away – apparently I’m a couple of years late in learning about it. I remember reading a magazine cover story about his work in the 1980’s, I think it was Discover Magazine, and his use of low-level electricity treatments to cure cancer. I was fascinated at the prospect but never heard about him again. Yet I held onto that article for years, dog-eared as it became, and took it to my aunt’s bedside at a hospital in Fort Gordon, GA, hoping the information might be helpful to the doctors treating her, but to no avail. It still amazes me that his work appears to have received so little notice in the United States. And I’m sorry to learn of his passing – but heartened to find someone familiar with his success in tumor regression. Anyway – I just wanted to say thank you for your blog post, I’m sorry to hear of his passing, and encouraged to find someone who has drawn attention to his work.

  2. dkoswalt

    I met Dr. Nordenstrom in Beijing, China in the mid 80’s. He gave me a copy of his first book. I worked with him in Beijing going to hospitals with his first generation platinum needles and electric device for treating tumors. He was truly a gentleman who loved life. He spoke of tending roses at his home in Sweden. At that time he was frustrated that he was only able to treat patients in Switzerland and China.
    He also loved eating great foods at high end restaurants. Often speaking of how the food compares to other great restaurants he had been at. I’m sad that he is gone, but he did leave an incredible legacy and groundbreaking research on electricity in the human body.

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