Give the Gift of Life – Make Sure You’re an Organ Donor

In many states like Nevada, when you get or renew your drivers license, you can sign up to become an organ donor in case of unfortunate circumstances like brain trauma injury in an accident. I have signed up for it as has my wife. So did a brave young man named Jason Ray who attended the University of North Carolina.

The story told by writer Wayne Drehs and posted on EPSNs website about Jason’s life, death, and rebirth is one that should bring tears to anyones eyes and smiles to all who read about this remarkable young man. He changed the lives of many around him in life, and in death, saved four people. In the United States, 97,000 people are on the organ donor need list. That is way too many. We can do better. Become an organ donor today. Hope you never need to become one but if you do, you will make an important improvement to the world you leave behind.