Personalized Medicine – The Carbon Based Theory Proven Once Again

Carbon Based Corporation has been at the forefront of an idea that I came up with many years ago that states that people are biochemically unique and that they react differently to different supplements and medications based not on their genetics but on their biochemical positioning at the time.  A paper in the April 20th issue of Nature confirms my long standing belief as noted biochemist Jeremy K. Nicholson of Imperial College London believes that a multitude of factors aside from genetics have a huge influence of how our bodies process medications.

While his study was on the processing of drugs, the ramifications of his paper shows that in the laboratory, genetically identical mice had a wide range of reactions to acetaminophen (Tylenol) and these reactions were highly correlated to urinary marker patterns.  The patterns include a number of markers looked at by urinary organic acid tests that Carbon Based Corporation has been interpreting for years.

In the Carbon Based Reports, we developed a method of looking at both blood and urinary markers and how they relate to drug interactions.  Our other breakthroughs came in the personalizing of nutritional interventions based on cross-correlated markers of blood and urine metabolites. By measuring the results from these tests we are able to help medical professionals construct biochemically individualized nutritional protocols which will maximize the dollar spent by the patient towards achieving optimal health.