Dr. Emily Senay Continues a Myth on CBS’s Early Show

It just agravates me to no end when television personalities makes statements that perpetrate myths and do it with a straight face. This morning, on a bit about probiotics, Dr. Emily Senay of the CBS Early Show said something that is just boldly untrue. She said that nutritional supplements are not regulated by the FDA. That is a flat out lie. Click here to watch the video.

The DSHEA bill, passed in the ’90s, gave consumers free and fair access to nutritional supplements but it did give regulatory jurisdiction to the FDA. Don’t believe me, go here to the FDA website, look at the left hand column that says “Products FDA Regulates.” Wow, under food it says “Dietary supplements”. So Dr. Senay, either you lied on TV, or the FDA is lying. You have continued this myth over and over and over whenever you talk about supplements. Time for you to come clean.

Don’t give us the “I meant they don’t approve supplements” line either. You said what you said and you have repeated this many times. The FDA does regulate supplements and can pull a product off the market whenever they see fit. Most of the time they do a fine job and will take dangerous supplements off the market.

It is time for reporters and the media as a whole to stop the continuation of a lie. Dr. Senay, it’s time for you to get on the air and tell people the truth.