Lab Testing – Simple Urine Test Tell a Big Story

Imagine a simple lab test that can determine whether you are getting adequate levels of nutrients, whether you are properly utilizing fatty acids, if you have intestinal bugs which are hampering your ability to absorb food and nutrients, and see if you are being exposed to an excessive amount of petrochemicals. Imagine no more as US Biotek, based in Seattle, Washington has that test and its easier than you think.

All that is required to get a comprehensive report is a first morning urine sample that saturates a dry strip collector. From there you let the dry strip air dry for an hour, place it into a bag of dessicant and stick it in the mail. No freezing the sample, no extensive prep work needed, and better yet, no blood draw necessary. The test not only looks at functional markers of nutrient insufficiency, it also can track your excretion of benzene, toluene, xylene, styrene, trimethylbenzene, phthalates and parabens. All of these toxins can have a huge effect on your health.

If your health care practitioner doesn’t want to order the test, call the people at Direct Lab Services at 1-800-908-0000 and ask them about the test. It will be well worth your while.