Diabetes – Two New Studies

One of the arguments against the use of glucosamine was that it caused, or at least contributed towards the development of type 2 diabetes.  While many of us in the supplement field thought this was a bogus claim, it wasn’t until the recent American Diabetes Association meeting in Washington, D.C. (June 9-13, 2003) that researchers put that to bed. Rajaram J. Karne led a team that showed that taking high dose glucosamine “…doesn’t make any measurable difference on insulin’s action.”  So the next time your physician warns you about taking glucosamine, thell him to take 2 sugar pills and call you in the morning.

An unexpected finding also presented at the meeting was that people taking antidepressants are at a higher risk of developing type 2 diabetes.  People on antidepressant medications had 3 times the risk of developing diabetes than others.  Another reason to try other means of relieving depression than taking drugs.  Your body will thank you.