Researching Environmental Health Issues

The first stop for anyone interested in the field is the home page of the highly respected journal –  Environmental Health PerspectivesThis journal is funded by the NIH and because of that, every article is available free online in Adobe PDF format.

The Environmental Working Group is a non-profit organization made up of scientists, engineers, policy experts and lawyers who research issues relating to the environment and health. They have reported on issues relating to Teflon®, cosmetics, perchlorates, bisphenol A, phthalates and many more. They have published numerous reports like Skin Deep, Body Burden, and Body Burden II. Every person who is interested in this field should read these three reports.

In the field of environmental toxin cleanups, it is well known that certain bacteria have an affinity for certain toxins.
THe database provided by the University of Minnesota has hundreds of toxins and the species of bacteria that break them down. One of my theories is that some people’s persistent infectious state is due to these bacteria’s affinity for these toxins which are found in everyone’s blood stream and adipose tissue.

The Children’s Health Environmental Coalition’s site is filled with information about individual toxins like phthalates, mercury, and dioxin. It is also filled with lots of news and tips on how to live in today’s toxic environment.

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