Researching Environmental Health Issues – Part Deux

Want to know who’s polluting in your neighborhood? Want to know where the biggest polluters for each toxin?
What the worst pollutants are? is your home for all that information and more.

Looking for data relating to health, mortality and morbidity? The Center’s for Disease Control is the place to go.

To access the latest in information about pesticides go to Beyond Pesticides which contains a veritable clearing hour of data.

Health and is a veritable treasure trove of information relating health and toxins.

Want to find the foods highest in Tryptophan, B6 and Zinc but are low in Glycine, Manganese and Starch? Go to and search to your hearts content.

For those of you who want to research the periodic chart, here is one of the best on the web posted by the University of Minnesota.

Want to know the scoop of everything lipids?  Go to for all the real information about fatty acids.

NHANES is the US government databank known as National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey. Lots of information relating to health and nutrition.

And finally, for a great website dedicated to science, try

Hope my two latest blogs help you learn more about the important issues surrounding health and the environment.