Budget cutting the wrong way

While I agree that our government is bloated and needs to have a lot of pork barrel programs cut but one of the proposals in the recent budget submitted to Congress is absolutely wrong.  The Commodity Supplemental Food Program which helps low income seniors, mothers, infants and small children get nutritionally balanced food helps 4,800 people in Nevada alone each month.  Can someone please explain to me what the reasoning behind this cut is? I would venture to say there are a number of other areas we can cut without hurting people who rely to some extent on this program.

Another budget proposal which should also get everyone up in arms is the proposal to triple the cost of health insurance for our veterans.  These are people who risked their lives to protect our country and this is how we treat them?  George Bush keeps telling us to support our troops in Iraq and I’m all for it.  But to cut health services for veterans is appalling. If anything, we should be improving their lives and continue to say “thank you for everything you sacrificed for us.”

If our elected officials were really interested in making tough decisions and wanted to cut the waste, there are a lot of other programs they could cut without harming our senior citizens and veterans.  Shame on them.