Biochemical Individuality. A Brilliant Theory That No One Uses.

The term biochemical individuality, coined by the late Dr. Roger Williams, means that every one of us are unique biochemical entities that should be treated uniquely whether it is with pharmaceuticals or nutritional supplements.  Both conservative allopaths and alternative medical practitioners claim to understand the concept, but very few really get it. They bluster about how their theory takes our uniqueness into account but it all amounts to a bag of hot air.

I’ve seen health care practitioners claim that no one ever does well on N-Acetyl-Cysteine, and others who claim everyone needs it.  They both should be made to sit in the corner and write in their spiral notebook, “people are different, not everyone is the same” one hundred times or until their fingers bleed, whichever comes first. I’ve been at lectures of a well respected scientist who will said that “everyone needs supplemental vitamin E.”  This came from the same man who quoted Dr. Williams in many of his books. We should all be going into a moral epileptic fit when we hear such nonsense.

Conversely, we here that herb XX doesn’t work on disease YY as a proportion of people showed no improvement.  If you read the study though, there were a goodly sized number who did get better.  The authors, in their fervor to get published, didn’t bother to ask the question, “which subgroup got better and was there a biochemical profile that fit a pattern we could use to pinpoint those people?”  We can’t do that because if we do that we might genuinely help people get better. ARRRGGGGHHH!!!  Makes you want to go into the corner of a dark room and just cry.

The company I founded, Carbon Based Corporation ( focused its entire existence on the ideal of helping health care practitioners fully access the concept of biochemical individuality through its interpretive lab reports.  Others have similar reports which they took from us, but all they do is look at one or two types of tests as though everyone is either made of fatty acids or simple blood chemistries.  I guess they follow the adage, if all you have is a hammer, then every problem is a nail.  What I believe is that there are many possible solutions and ways of getting there and to pigeon hole yourself into one or two tests as the be all is somewhat myopic at best.  This is why I have helped develop interpretations over 30 different tests and hundreds of different combinations knowing that you can’t build your “health house” with just a hammer, you need saws, bricks, screwdrivers, glue guns, etc.

Each person is different. Let’s force our health care providers to treat us all that way and not like cattle going to slaughter.