Breast Feeding in Public – Much ado about nothing?

Ah, as the media is want to do; they love controversy even if it is something as silly as the debate about breast feeding babies in public.  Babytalk, a magazine devoted to raising infants, had a baby breast feeding on the cover in their most recent issue. Amazingly, thousands of complaints came in angry that they would dare put a breast on the cover of a magazine!  My response?  AMERICA GET OVER IT AND LIGHTEN UP!!!

We complain about radical Islamists covering women up but we act like 13 year old boys when we see a natural event like a mother breast feeding a baby.  One mother, was quoted as saying the following regarding the magazine cover and the effect on her young son – “I shredded it,” “A breast is a breast — it’s a sexual thing. He didn’t need to see that.”  If our puritanical silliness would interpreting breast feeding as a sexual event, maybe it wouldn’t be. If you ever have a chance to go to Europe, you’d realize how asinine this controversy is.

We don’t complain when we see violence on magazine covers or in games but oh help us Lord if we dare show a women’s half breast on the cover of a baby magazine.  No wonder our crime rate is higher than almost any country in the world and we have such a large population of sexual deviants. Time to make a change and put our priorities in the right place.