Phthalates in Plastic Bottles – Truth or Myth

As many of you may know, I am a major opponent of the use of phthalates in anything that would come in contact with humans, especially children. What I also am opposed to is perpetrating myths and passing along falsehoods through the Internet.  Here are three myths that need debunking.

Myth #1 – Plastics PET bottles contain phthalates.  FALSE!!!  They do not contain phthalates. 

Myth #2 – Plastic wrap, like Saran Wrap, contain phthalates.  FALSE!!!  Phthalates are not used in the manufacturing of plastic wrap.

Myth #3 – Freezing plastic releases toxins into food. FALSE!!! This is an Internet driven myth that supposedly sites a study done at Johns Hopkins University that showed this to be true.  No such study was done.  It is just another myth.

For real information about environmental toxicity go the the webiste for the journal Environmental Health Perspectives.  The papers are all available free of charge.